Italian divers have captured eerie interior footage of the Costa Concordia shipwreck weeks before major salvage operation

Ghostly footage of the sunken Costa Concordia captured by Italian police divers has been released weeks before a major salvage operation.
The ship, which grounded and capsized on rocks off Giglio in January 2012, is due to be refloated and salvaged in the next few weeks.
In the eerie footage posted online, two divers can be seen exploring the inside of the 950ft vessel, making their way through rooms and corridors.
Debris and belongings scattered throughout the wreckage portray the sense of panic felt by those on board.
As the divers continue through the vessel they are eventually seen surfacing in the ship’s main atrium.
4,200 passengers and crew were aboard the cruise liner when she foundered, with 32 losing their lives.
Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino is currently on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship – he denies the charges.
The salvage operation hopes to float the wreckage into deeper water before it’s towed to Genoa where it’ll be scrapped.