A speedboat was sent flying through the air after it miscalculated the distance and crashed into another racing boat. Amazingly nobody was hurt in the accident

The Key West World Championship is all about speed but onlookers had to hold their breath when they witnessed a speedboat crashing into a second one.

During the event in Key West, Florida, a CT Marine speedboat miscalculated the distance from the Powerboat CMS boat in front and crashed into it before being sent flying through the air.

Andy Strobert and Billy Moore of CT Marine managed to climb out of their overturned boat through a hatch, whilst Powerboat CMS Bob Bull and Randy Scism drove their vessel back to port. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

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The accident took place on the second day of the Championship, which sees 36 boats racing in seven classes.

An onlooker caught the hair-raising moment on his phone.