Volunteers with the Barry Dock RNLI lifeboat went to the aid of an injured skipper in the Bristol Channel. This was their third rescue in a week.

The crew were called out just after midday on 18 April to assist the skipper of a yacht sailing close to Steep Holm in the Bristol Channel.

The skipper was injured and required medical attention, although the RNLI reports that the man’s quick thinking crew mates prevented further injury and complications.

Barry Dock RNLI lifeboat crewmen John McAllister and Ian Watts went aboard the yacht to give immediate medical assistance.

The lifeboat then escorted the yacht to Cardiff Bay where an ambulance and the Penarth Coastguard were waiting to give further help.

Also present at the scene was the Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 187 but, after discussions with the lifeboat crew, the air rescue team stood down and returned to their base at St Athan.

Deputy Coxswain Chris Osbourne, who led the rescue, said: “Even the most experienced and well equipped sailors can need our assistance from time to time. If you would like a free sea safety check before you go out on the water, contact us at www.RNLI.org and we will be happy to help.”

This was the third emergency call out for the volunteer crew in the last five days.

The first incident happened on 14 April. The lifeboat was called to search the Barry coast after red distress flares were spotted shortly before 8.30pm. The crew used sight and night vision aids, along with the lifeboat’s radar.

A boat in the area was contacted for information and Barry Coastguard also liaised with the Port Security and the person who initially contacted the emergency services.

Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 187 from St Athan joined the search, but after a substantial search it was called off. The RNLI says it appears likely that the flares had been set off from land.

The second shout took place on 16 April at 6pm. A yacht had run aground on a sandbank in the middle of the Bristol Channel, off Newport, and needed assistance.

Barry Dock Lifeboat launched and requested assistance from the RNLI lifeboat from Portishead as their smaller boat was better placed to get close to the casualty.

They made the yacht safe and ready to be re-floated on the incoming tide.